Our Aim:

The School of Engineering and Applied Science provides an exceptional amount of avenues for staff and students to work in partnership. Our student staff committees are chaired by student representatives (reps), reps have seats available to them on programme and school-wide committees and there are termly meetings for reps to meet with members of our executive team. This is in addition to the usual institutional/external feedback avenues such as opportunities to meet with external examiners, National Student Survey, etc. Many subject areas hold bespoke meetings outside of these formal activities to enhance partnership on areas such as curriculum delivery, development of facilities, recruitment activities for new staff and opportunities to work as teaching assistants. 

In addition to this, EAS has evolved opportunities to celebrate our diverse student body with an innovative ‘Student Experience Champion’ scheme which has empowered students as pivotal partners in driving change. Student Experience Champions are employed in EAS at Aston University to bridge the gap between formal representation schemes, the School and the student body, as Humaira Ali, BSc Mathematics student and Student Experience Champion elaborates:

“As a young ethnic woman pursuing a STEM career I have always found the prospects of my future daunting. However during my time at Aston, the EAS team have showed great commitment in their efforts for the encouragement of women’s role in such a competitive environment. Their support of the Women in Engineering movement has been comforting as someone who is extremely nervous about their future. In lectures, tutorials and events I have been able to see how all types of students are accommodated to. They make it their responsibility to ensure every single student get the educational experience they deserve. While working as a Student Engagement Champion for EAS, I have truly been able to appreciate how hard the EAS works to make sure every one of its students has their voice heard. Witnessing first hand students from all over the globe, with all different backgrounds and abilities coming together in a room for the subject they are passionate about, is a deeply enriching experience. The constant support provided to the students is second to none. It is here that you truly feel a part of the engineering and applied science world!” Humaira Ali, student at Aston University.