Aston Innovation Scheme for SMEs

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Would your Company benefit from the input of academic support from students?

Do you need help in resolving engineering problems or developing engineering products?

Then get in touch to talk about our cost-neutral scheme designed to provide the help you need!

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is working in collaboration with Birmingham City Council to support innovative design solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises within the Greater Birmingham area. Support is offered in the form of student projects at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels that address strategic needs for company product portfolios.

Project outcomes

The aim of these projects is to introduce a company to the latest technologies available through the knowledge of students taught at university level. Company portfolios are expected to benefit greatly through using the commercial results from these researches. Students will benefit from applying their knowledge practically in an industrial environment. These industry-academia collaborations will be based upon a specific strategic goal of a company to improve its product or business portfolio such that it gains competitive advantage in commercial markets.

Research levels

There are three levels of collaboration offered depending upon the agreed project specification:
  • Undergraduate Master of Engineering (MEng)
    MEng projects are undertaken by Final Year undergraduate students during the fourth year of their studies and, typically, involve a minimum of 30 days of research on a one day-per-week basis. 
  • Postgraduate Master of Science (MSc)
    MSc projects are undertaken by postgraduate students after completing their taught studies and, typically, involve six months of research on a full-time basis. 

  • Research Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    MPhil or PhD projects are undertaken by postgraduate students and, typically, involve a minimum of two years of research on a full-time basis.
For further information about the Aston Innovation Scheme download the leaflet.