Here is Civil Engineering

Here is Civil Engineering

The UK is rapidly developing, from new housing estates to skyscrapers in city centres. And Birmingham is at the heart of it, with a Big City Plan designed to increase the city size by 25%. You could be a part of it.

Our civil engineering courses can prepare you to get involved. You’ll leave Aston with a balanced blend of technical knowledge and critical thinking skills. Not only will you have a practical understanding of materials and building processes, but you’ll also have excellent knowledge of the logistics and planning that enables the work to happen.

Equipped with these key skills, you’ll be ready for your career. Our strong links with industry and organisations will help to embed you into the working world before you even graduate. Modules in specialist areas such as environmental management and health and safety will make sure you’re an expert in your discipline.

BSc Construction Management is ranked 7th in the UK. We’ve launched BSc Quantity Surveying ready for 2019, reflecting the industry's need for professionals in this area.

With so much demand for experts in this field, we’re excited to launch our BEng Civil Engineering programme in 2020.

Explore our Civil Engineering courses

BSc Construction Management

The subjects covered in this degree will give you the necessary management skills and knowledge base for a career in construction project management. You could find yourself working for organisations such as building and project management consultants, quantity surveying firms, contractors, local government and in the service industries.

BSc Quantity Surveying

This course will produce graduates with the qualities and skills that are in demand by potential employers and who are able to make a valuable contribution to society in general. Students will leave with a working knowledge of the techniques, and an understanding of the skills, required by quantity surveyors and commercial managers within the industry.

BEng Civil Engineering

Launching in 2020, this course has been created due to the high demand of civil engineering graduates by employers. Students can expect to become experts in their field, learning practical and theoretical knowledge in a range of key areas. This course will equip you with the key skills to enter the industry at a period of great demand. 

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