Electronic Engineering

EEPEWelcome from Dr John Williams, EEPE Head of Department and Dr Zuoyin Tang and Dr Stylianos Sygletos MSc Programme Directors

Welcome to the Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering (EEPE) Subject Group in the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Our Masters programmes have a high reputation for preparing students to gain essential knowledge and skills for their future careers. I hope that you find the time spent with us will be thoroughly enjoyable and highly productive.

The MSc courses we offer aim to make you into professional engineers through enhancing your ability in understanding and dealing with challenges presented in communication systems and networks. If your background is not right in the electronic, electrical or computer engineering, these courses can help you to develop transferable skills applicable to ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sectors.

This Handbook is intended as a reference resource for all MSc students in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, which we hope you will find useful. It includes a broad range of information an MSc student would like to know about such as course structures, assessment methods, and resources/services provided by the University and the School.  Meanwhile, if there is any further information that you require, please make enquires at the reception desk of the School Office (MB133) for administrative matters, or contact your programme director for academic issues. 

We look forward to meeting with you and wish you every success in your studies at Aston.