Aston University has over 50 years' experience of providing students with placement year opportunities.

Aston was the pioneer of this integrated approach to university degrees. Over 70% of students at Aston take placement programmes - that's around 1,000 students each year.

The School of Engineering & Applied Science (EAS) comprises six different subject areas brought together by a dedicated central placements office. Each subject area has a placement scheme which encourages students to complete approximately one year in industry or commerce. Aston University placement students are frequently asked to stay on and continue until near the start of the autumn term.

The Aim 

The principle aim of the placement year is to enable students to gain a much better appreciation of both the application and the context of their academic studies. On graduation students are better prepared to start on careers in their chosen field.

The Benefits

A successful placement year requires active co-operation and collaboration among the student, the employer and Aston University. The benefits of a placement year extend to all three parties, and we have listed a few of them below.

  • Placement students will find that the practical application of their studies, team working, time management and presentation skills learned will aid their work within their final year.

  • Through the placement the University is able to create and strengthen links with industry, commerce and the public sector - links which facilitate collaboration in research, teaching and practice.

  • Employers prefer to employ students with placement experience.

  • It has been noted that the grades of placement students in EAS have improved following an Industrial Placement Year.

  • Students get an insight into their chosen career by taking on a proper role in a professional organisation, whilst being able to contribute to that organisation.

  • Placement students will gain appreciation of the workplace through meeting specified targets and working regular hours.

  • Most students returning are enthusiastic about the experience.

  • Employers are able to assess prospective employees at work - A 12 month interview.

  • Placement students are employed to solve specific problems and examine areas of development (many companies employ a succession of placement students). 

Placement Stories