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ASEC’s primary aim is to be the leading STEM Education Innovation and Research Centre in the UK, in the top 5 in Europe and in the top 10 globally with a clear focus on the student learning experience.


To achieve this, ASEC has six distinct objectives:  

  1. To build a Centre of Excellence for STEM Education Innovation and Research that focuses on significantly enhancing the student experience, placing Aston as one of the leading STEM Educators within Europe.

  2. To conduct high quality STEM Education Research that promotes innovation in, and understanding of, Learning and Teaching Practice throughout the student journey.

  3. To support colleagues within Aston and beyond to develop and improve their teaching practice through STEM Education Scholarship, and in doing so increase the opportunities for them to develop their careers.

  4. To recruit, supervise and develop high quality PhD students throughout their studies Doctorial Studies and onto successful completion; putting into place bespoke academic support mechanisms focusing on STEM Education Research.

  5. To develop national and international networks and collaborative relationships that will lead to future innovation in STEM Education Research, international exchanges for staff and students, and high level consultancy.

  6. To develop an inclusive environment that is welcoming and supportive, bringing together teaching staff, students and external partners by promoting a holistic and coherent view of STEM Education.