Biomaterials Research Unit

The group has extensive experience, stretching back more than two decades, in the design and development of biomaterials and the advancement of the interdisciplinary scientific areas that underpin this. In that time it has produced over 300 publications. The group has been generously funded by: UK Research Councils (EPSRC and BBSRC), EU grants and both UK-based and international companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Ciba-Novartis and Procter & Gamble.

The core expertise of the group lies in the application of a fundamental molecular understanding to rapidly developing areas such as biomimetic systems, assay development and high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry and biology, de novo molecular design, biological chemistry and biomaterials.

The groups Aims are:

  • advancement of understanding of the synthesis and behavior of biocompatible and biomimetic polymers

  • design and fabrication of new soft tissue analogues for biomedical applications especially those related to the cornea, intervertebral disc, articular cartilage and stratum corneum (skin)

  • synthesis and characterisation of analogues of biological fluids such as tears, lung surfactant and synovial fluid

  • design of new materials for applications in biotechnology, such as those related to high-throughput synthesis, screening and purification of novel biologically relevant molecules

  • design of new methods for detecting complex interactions between important biological molecules, such as those between proteins and nucleic acids, and those between proteins and toxins such as arsenic

An important feature of the work of the group is its interdisciplinary nature and the close interaction with academic, clinical and industrial collaborators in the UK, EU, Asia, Australia and the US.

Funding Sources

Our ongoing funding from a range of sources including EPSRC, BBSRC, the EU, TCD and a range of national and international companies means that research opportunities for well-qualified students are usually available.



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