About the Group

The Biomaterials Research Unit at Aston University is an interdisciplinary group of biochemists, biologists, chemists, chemical engineers and materials scientists. Over the twenty-five years since its formation, the group's main activities have centred on polymeric biomaterials. The philosophy has been wherever possible, to work from fundamental molecular engineering principles and encompass synthesis, fabrication and clinical evaluation within their research. Within our research programmes we maintain the freedom and ability to extend our interdisciplinary skills into emerging areas, such as the design of disposable barrier systems to address the problems of ocular cross-infection in the use of contact tonometry and related procedures.

The Biomaterials Research Unit. Back row: Sukunya Juikham, Sarah Carnell, Manpreet Cooner, Daniel Harvey, Gareth Ross, Gunilla Runström, Marc Broadbent, Brian Tighe and Val Franklin. Front row: Jane Bramhil, Amandeep Panaser, Darren Campbell, Aisling Mann, Fiona Lydon and Anisa Mahomed.

Current group



Professor Brian Tighe (Head), Dr Aisling Mann, Dr Anisa Mahomed, Dr Darren Campbell, Dr Fiona Lydon, Dr Val Franklin, Dr V Saez

PhD candidates

Amandeep Panaser, Gunilla Runstrom, Manpreet Cooner, Marc Broadbent, Russell Eden, Sarah Carnell, Tarnveer Bhamra, Tom Minchington