Medical projects are predominantly long term and run from concept to clinic. These projects are underpinned by fundamental work to increase understanding of the synthesis and behaviour of biocompatible and biomimetic polymers by:

  • design and fabrication of new soft tissue analogues especially those related to the cornea, intervertebral disc, articular cartilage and stratum corneum (skin)
  • collaboration with mathematical modellers to study poro-visco-elastic behaviour of the human cornea
  • synthesis and characterisation of analogues of biological fluids such as tears, lung surfactant and synovial fluid to address dry-eye and related diseases of lubricated biological interfaces
Non-clinical projects include:
  • novel polymeric materials that covalently incorporate quantum dots and possess unique optical signatures
  • new materials for biotechnology applications, such as high-throughput synthesis, screening and purification of novel biologically relevant molecules
  • smart materials for generic application in the synthesis, assay and deconvolution of combinatorial libraries;
  • analytically-based investigation of plant-based molecular structures, especially lipids and carbohydrates