Biomedical Engineering Research Unit

"Engineering Solutions to Clinical Problems Defined by Clinical Need"

The Biomedical Engineering Research Unit at Aston University focuses on addressing the current challenges in healthcare whilst meeting the needs of clinicians in practice. We are an interdisciplinary team, with backgrounds ranging from mechanical engineering and materials science, to biology and biomedical engineering, and we work closely with our clinical partners including surgeons and physiotherapists. Our Core Competencies include mechanical testing, computer modelling, sensing, design of medical devices and interactions with the human body.

Our Core Research Streams are:

Fracture fixation

  • Plate and screws designed specifically for osteopenic bone
  • Improving after care of external fracture fixations to reduce healing times

Joint arthroplasty

  • Elbow fixation testing to study effects of design features
  • Characterising the wear and wear behaviour in elbow prosthesis

Biological interactions

  • Development of in vitro testing to analyse the effects of different materials and devices on human systems


  • Development of advanced nanosensors
  • Applications include biological sensing and drug testing

Medical devices

  • Clinically led development of relevant and required devices
  • Implantable, non-implantable, surgical assist, diagnostic etc.


Our suite of state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary laboratories enable leading edge investigations and solutions to be produced. We work with Research Councils, other international leading research groups, medical charities and industry, and are grateful for their support that has led to new solutions for precise therapy, efficient clinical techniques and cost effective devices that widen access to healthcare.

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