Facilities & equipment

The Biomedical Engineering suite of laboratories consists of four main areas with associated facilities:

A robotics/electronics/preparation area

  •  Robotic manipulators, electronics preparation area

A microscopy suite

  • Confocal microscopes, micro-laser tracking systems, atomic force microscope, surgical and bench-top microscopes

A mechanical testing area

  • Extensometer, milling machine, several mobile load cell and LVDT rigs

A dedicated cell-culture lab

  • Incubator, fume cupboard, centrifuge and microbiological safety cabinet


The group also has state of the art dynamics and vibration testing equipments such as shakers, a macro/micro laser scanning vibrometer system, force transducers, accelerometers, EMG monitoring equipment and signal conditioning units.

We have access to other key facilities within the department including a machine shop and model shop with equipment such as a plasma cutter and several rapid-prototyping machines.

Certain equipment are open for public use by prior arrangement. Please contact Dr Ma for booking and payment information

Zeiss LSM 510 confocal laser scanning microscope withAxioplan 2 imaging MOT upright and Axiovert 200 MOT inverted microscope

Zeiss LSM 510 (Biomedical engineering)
Veeco Dimension 3100 (Biomedical engineering)
Veeco Dimension 3100 Atomic Force Microscope
VIPER SLA Rapid Prototyping Machine
              VIPER SLA Rapid Prototyping Machine