Research Projects

Successful interdisciplinary research is demonstrated by a project funded by the NHS that applies cognitive modelling methods to elicit expertise from mental-health practitioners. Other funded health research includes a primary-care information system for the National Public Health Services, Wales (EPSRC CASE), primary-care decision making (US National Institutes of Health), and risk-screening (Surrey-Hampshire Borders NHS Trust).

Research outside the health domain reflects CSRG's philosophy of developing a broad software technology platform to tackle real-world problems, including semantic web technologies, text-to-speech synthesis, theory of computation, concept representation with semantic networks (with Masaryk University, Czech Republic), and agent systems.

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ADVANCE  Dr Ekart STREP 10/10 - 09/13
Cloud Computing for Large-Scale Complex IT Systems  Dr. Radu Calinescu          EPSRC Grant     10/10 - 10/13