• Prof. Patricia Thornley


Patricia Thornley
Urgent tree planting and agricultural policy reform needed to achieve zero greenhouse gases by 2050

  • Dr Katie Chong
    UK-Malaysia Workshop Summary
    You may not believe me, but I have good news about climate change! How can this be possible I hear you say, we usually only hear stories of doom and gloom? Well the good news is that I know of at least 50 people in the UK and Malaysia putting all of their passion, heart and intelligence behind the quest for a more sustainable future.

    Tom Anderson

    Resolutions fade; reality bites; but optimism remains

    In this article first published in MRW (Materials Recycling World) magazine, Tom Anderson of EBRI discusses the challenges taking place within the UK's chemicals industry as it gets to grips with producing renewable chemicals and fuels from wastes and biomass.

  •  Prof. Tony Bridgwater

  • Renewable Futures: the Sustainability of Biomass
  • Professor Tony Bridgwater, Technology Director of EBRI, shares his thoughts on the sustainability of biomass, carbon capture and storage and how EBRI is advancing bioenergy technology processes.

  • Dr Jim Scott
    If you could turn lead into gold… how much would lead cost?
    In this blog, EBRI Research Associate Jim Scott discusses the pros and cons of bioenergy technologies and the opportunities they offer.