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Following the successful deployment of the  Pyroformer™ to the three villages, the next phase of the project is in progress. Running until May 2017, it will see four semi-permanent pyroformer units established in villages within the region. If, as expected, this proves successful, Energy Harvest will look at a much larger scale deployment of units within India with the express objective of improving the lives of these farming communities.

Fifty per cent of the costs for this next phase are provided by the founding partners. We are keen to partner with individuals, companies, organisations and others in India and the UK, to help us reach out and make valuable connections for this innovative and life-enhancing project.

"With your support, we have the potential to positively impact thousands of rural communities."

Links have already been made with PEDA (Punjab Energy Development Agency), Punjab Agricultural University, TATA, the Murugappa Group, BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) and Indus Towers.

The next phase of the project will cost £775,000

Costs for research staff, deployment and installation of units will be met by existing partners (

Support is now urgently needed for:  

  • Purchase of four Pyroformer units (£280,000)
  • Operational costs, maintenance and consumables for current project phase (£130,000)

Successful completion of this project phase is expected to lead to:

  • Elimination of open field burning, resulting in the improved health and environment of rural communities in India
  • Rural villages receiving the benefits of predictable electricity for their communities
  • The establishment of a tangible value and a market for waste-straw, offering farmers a significant financial incentive to collect and sell their crop residue
  • The production of oils which can be blended with diesel to create low-cost fuels for powering machinery
  • The production of a further by-product, bio-char, which can be used as a fertiliser and is proven to increase crop yields 
  • Widescale proven technical feasibility and financial viability of bio-energy technologies that can be rolled-out to thousands of communities.
If you feel you or your organisation are able to support this project, please contact Andrew Harris, Executive Director of Campaigns at Aston University


Tel: +44 (0)121 204 4560


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