Pyrogas Project - Aston University, Birmingham

The overall objective of the Pyrogas Project (established in April 2012) is the integration of intermediate pyrolysis and vapour gasification to create an effective and efficient biomass-to-energy system for combined heat and power.

The use of biomass, and waste, as a fuel for the production of energy in the form of electrical power and heat has in recent years come to be recognised as a key element in the move to sustainable forms of energy as part of the strategy to combat climate change.  Throughout Europe, challenging targets for the provision of bioenergy and reduction in carbon emissions have been identified but progress towards those target is extremely slow.  Thus, to enable a concerted, informed and joint development, this project brings together a leading European Bioenergy Research Institute that has key new patents in the clean and efficient thermal treatment of biomass based on the intermediate pyrolysis process with Wehrle Werk AG, a European SME company recognised for its technical and engineering expertise in the provision of gasifier technology.

PYROGAS is supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) which is designed to support a wide range of participants: from universities, through public authorities to small enterprises and researchers in developing countries.

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