Work package 1

To gain an understanding of the detailed characteristics of the PyroformerTM and a coupled fluidised bed gasifier at laboratory scale, to evaluate systematically the performance of catalyst options and to identify suitable operating parameters and catalyst configurations for the demonstration scale testing.


  • Selection and characterisation of feedstocks - baseline feedstock and variations, including in particular residues and wastes
  • PyroformerTM testing of selected feedstocks to fully characterise the product streams
  • On a sub-set of feedstocks, performance characterisation of the PyroformerTM by parametric testing, varying the overall throughput, the residence time of the forward and return passages (i.e. screw speeds) and the operating temperature profile (which can be varied in zones along the unit).
  • Adaptation of 5 kg/h fluidised bed gasifier to run as a catalytic vapour gasifier on a partial stream from the PyroformerTM.
  • Extensive parametric testing of coupled PyroformerTM and gasifier, investigating influence of gasifier temperature, air/stream addition, catalyst type, form and loading and effect of PyroformerTM operating conditions. 


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