Work package 3 - PYROGAS Project - Aston University, Birmingham

Based on the outcomes of WP1 and WP2, to implement and optimise a demonstration-scale PYROGAS system, with full characterisation of the operating characteristics for a range of feedstocks. 


  • PyroformerTM  testing of selected feedstocks to fully characterise the product streams

  • Parametric testing of coupled PyroformerTM  and gasifier with standard gas clean-up, investigating influence of gasifier temperature, air/steam addition, catalyst type, form and loading, and effect of PyroformerTM operating conditions, based on results from WP1. Options for co-firing the gasifier vapours/gases and a solid feed (up to a 1:1 ratio) will be explored.  Any need for further gas clean-up will be specified and appropriate equipment installed and tested

  • Connection of optimised PyroformerTM / gasifier and gas clean-up arrangement to the dual fuel engines and testing of system performance for the selected feedstocks

  • Testing of residue materials like contaminated biodiesel from the tar scrubber as an ignition fuel in the dual fuel engines


  • D14 Dataset of vapour, gas and bio-char compositions and fractions for each run. 
  • D15 Dataset of product gas compositions and tar loadings for each run.

  • D16 Definition of optimum operating conditions for each feedstock.

  • D17 Dataset of system performance parameters for each run.

  • D18 Definitive datasheet of optimised system performance for each feedstock.

  • D19 Definition of scope for using residue materials as pilot fuel

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