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EBRI conducts world-class bioenergy research ranging from fundamental research and development through to the deployment of innovative technologies. Our team of internationally-renowned researchers are focussed on methods of generating energy from biomass waste and residues.

Research topics include:

  • Algae cultivation 
    Exploring the exploitation of microalgae for waste remediation and bioenergy production.
  • Biochar 
    Testing and analysis of biochar for enhancing poor and high-quality soils.
  • Catalysis 
    Nanostructured catalyst systems for synthesis of biofuels and chemicals.
  • Gasification 
    Research and technology demonstration for gasification applications.
  • Pyrolysis 
    Research and technology demonstration for fast, intermediate and slow pyrolysis processes.
  • Torrefaction 
    Thermal pre-treatment of biomass to upgrade thermal-chemical properties.

EBRI is committed to providing practical bioenergy solutions for companies and local authorities in the West Midlands, UK, Europe and beyond, to be able to explore the growing bioenergy market and the opportunities it offers. EBRI also welcomes collaboration opportunities with academia and industry.