Konstantina Stamouli

Business Research Associate - Thermal Processes

Currently I am working for European Bioenergy Research Institute as a Research Associate (EBRI). In the past ten years I have been working in the renewable energy and energy from waste sectors. During my PhD, at University of Birmingham, I was working with pyrolysis towards fuel production and energy recovery from Mixed Plastic Waste. My educational background includes two MSc degrees in Wind power project management and Management of Renewable Energy Resources, whereas my work experience includes working with solar thermal and organic waste water treatment projects.  

As a Business Research Associate I am engaged with SMEs in the West Midlands to develop small to medium scale sustainable energy from waste projects and appraise residue and waste materials for energy and material recovery. I find the prospect of developing new solutions for waste and residual streams within existing businesses fascinating by incorporating advanced thermal and biological treatment methods to address both their waste issues and maximise their energy and profit generation with innovative solutions.

Watch this short film about Konstantina and the work she is doing at EBRI.

  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University, 2005.
  • MSc in Management of Renewable Energy Resources, Aristotle University, 2007.
  • MSc in Wind Power Project Management, Gotland University, 2012.
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Fuel Production from mixed plastic waste, 2017.

2013: Development Engineer, R&D for Dimplex Renewables.
2009 – 2010: Product Development Engineer- Renewables, Novart S.A.
2008: Project Engineer – Waste treatment, DNA S.A. Smart Systems.
2006: Internships in Mirtec S.A. certifications & AHS Kardias, Public coal power generation plant.