NCRG: Group members

For direct dialing from outside the University, please call +44 (0)121 204 plus the 4 digit extension number.


D Saad (Head)
F Busse (Visiting)
D Lowe


Dr A Chattopadhay
Dr D Cornford
Dr S Generalis
Dr Yulan He
Dr I Yurkevich

Dr M Little

Senior Lecturers

Dr J P Neirotti
Dr D Nerukh
Dr S Jain
Dr T Johansson
Dr Jort van Mourik
Dr R Herzallah



Dr R Alamino
Dr A Cave
Dr Jens Christian Claussen
Dr H Goldingay
Dr O D'Huys
Dr J Laurie
Dr L Rebollo-Neira
Dr L Rossi
Dr M Stich 


Research Fellows 

Mr Vladimir Farafonov
Dr Vadim Ponomarenko
Dr Yordan Raykov
Ms Elvira Tarasova

Dr Tan Weien








Doctoral Students

Clement Eke
Xi He
Christina  Kozia
Farhan Hasan  
Reham Badawy
Adam Lowe
Shaayl Mulla
Monsuru Mustapha
Yazan Qarout
Aonat Raji

Anastasiia Vasylchenkova