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research degreesThe NCRG as part of the Mathematics group is looking for highly motivated individuals to fill PhD studentships in research areas covered by the group. The group has an internationally renowned research effort spanning theory and applications of pattern analysis, statistical physics, complex systems, stochastic nonlinear equations, and machine learning.

Information on applying for postgraduate study at Aston can be found here.

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NCRG graduate profiles

Mehdi Azzouzi
Mehdi Azzouzi
Head of Algo Research,
Systematica Investments.

Studying in such a pluridisciplinary environment and learning on a daily basis from experts in their fields has been a very exciting and fruitful experience. I am very proud to have contributed, at my humble level, to the success of this research group.
Stephane Bounkong
Stephane Bounkong
Senior Engineering Manager,
Nuance Communications.

I have spent several great years as an Aston PG. I have met several very interesting folks and my wife. As I am looking back at those years, I can still feel the freedom I was enjoying doing my research. I will always be grateful for the guidance and the enjoyable learning environment.
Ernest Fokoue
Ernest Fokoue
Associate Professor,
School of Mathematical Sciences,
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.

My postgraduate studies at Aston University marked one of the most distinct life-changing milestones in my academic and personal life. The NCRG blessed me immensely with a convex combination of state-of-the-art courses in Neural Computation and Statistical Machine Learning along with a transformative thesis featuring mean field approximations for Gaussian Process Classifiers, both of which gave me a strong foundation to go forward and earn my PhD in Statistics at the University of Glasgow.

Jack Raymond
Jack Raymond
Algorithms researcher,
D-wave systems,
Burnaby, Canada.

Coming from a mathematical physics background I found the topics on the PANN course very stimulating, and very relevant to my current work with quantum computation. At Aston there was a tight community of postgraduate students, and accessible staff, that I enjoyed for the full 3 years of my PhD.

Otman Belmahi
Otman Belmahi
General Manager,
Samsara Assurances Maroc,
Insurance Broker, Morocco.

Working in the insurance sector requires a deep understanding of predictive models and a good command on data analysis. Those skills were acquired thoroughly in the MSc by Research in Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks led by a top research staff.
Yannick Caille
Yannick Caillé
Software Developer.

I joined the PANN programme as part of an exchange year abroad completing my French engineering studies, the NCRG being highly recommended by a good friend of mine who was studying there. The curriculum offered a very good balance between theoretical concepts and practical lab sessions, preparing us for our research project, in a friendly atmosphere.
Francesco Vivarelli
Francesco Vivarelli
Senior Manager,
Advanced Analytics,

Francesco is an experienced fraud analytics SME with over 15 years of experience. He advises clients on the use of data science to address risk exposure to fraud and compliance issues by discovering previously unknown patterns within data. As a Senior Manager in the Accenture's Data Science practice, Francesco is responsible for leading the Fraud, Risk and Compliance Analytics in the UK.
WeiLee Woon
Dr Wei Lee Woon
Associate Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

My time at the NCRG was one of the most rewarding and memorable episodes in my academic and personal development. 14 years on, I can still very clearly feel how my experiences at Aston University have shaped my approach to conducting research, advising students and teaching, and this is something which I appreciate very deeply.