Netlab: Algorithms for Pattern Recognition

This volume provides students, researchers and application developers with the knowledge and tools to get the most out of using neural networks and related data modelling techniques to solve pattern recognition problems. Each chapter covers a group of related pattern recognition techniques and includes a range of examples to show how these techniques can be applied to solve practical problems.

Features of particular interest include:

  • A NETLAB toolbox which is freely available via the Internet from here.
  • Worked examples, demonstration programs and over 100 graded exercises
  • Cutting edge research made accessible for the first time in a highly usable form
  • Comprehensive coverage of visualisation methods, Bayesian techniques for neural networks and Gaussian Processes

Although primarily a textbook for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in pattern recognition and neural networks, this book will also be of interest to practitioners and researchers who can use the toolbox to develop application solutions and new models. The book is written by Ian Nabney is published by Springer in their series Advances in Pattern Recognition. The cost is £24.50 and the ISBN number is 1-85233-440-1. Orders can be placed through the Springer web site; it is also available from on-line sellers. This book has the following features:

  1. Supplies both algorithm knowledge and practical tools for a principled approach to application development.
  2. Brings together relevant theory with details of how to implement models efficiently and flexibly.
  3. Makes some of the leading edge research in this area accessible in a highly usable form.
  4. Provides researchers with a tool kit as a basis for developing new ideas.
  5. Worked examples and demonstration programs illustrate the theory and help the reader understand the algorithms and how to use them.