Netlab: News

A short page of news items, including the Netlab release history, information about the book, and future plans.

Release History

  • Release 0.1: 4/12/97. First external beta release.
  • Release 2.1: 26/5/00. Second beta for selected externals.
  • Release 3.2: 30/10/01. First formal external release; corresponds to software described in book.


The accompanying text book was published by Springer in November 2001. The book web page contains more information and also software for the worked examples in the book. There are plans to reprint the book (with a few minor corrections, see the errata list) that will coincide with Release 3.3 of the software.

Future Plans

I am always happy to consider suggestions for changes and enhancements to Netlab. My current plans include the following:
  • Automating model complexity selection (e.g. number of components in PCA, mixture models).
  • Enhancing Gaussian Process software to cope with classification problems, using Csato and Opper's approach.
  • Extending Netlab to include time series models, such as hidden Markov models, AR modelling etc.
  • Adding more pre-processing tools to Netlab and providing more of an application development framework (possibly with a GUI).
  • Converting all or part of Netlab to Java, thus making it available to users without Matlab.