Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme


The objective of this IRSES programme is to establish long-term stable research cooperation between the partners with complimentary expertise and knowledge. The project objectives and challenges present a balanced mix between industrial application focused knowledge transfer and development and more far-looking studies for potentially ground-breaking applications of using carbon-based nanomaterials and nanostructures for advanced sensing applications (CarbonNASA), including high-temperature strain sensors, Raman laser systems, fiber Bragg grating sensors for lithium batteries monitoring.  No one group in Europe can accomplish each work package alone.  We have to collaborate with non-European groups in order to gain their skills and expertise in these specific areas. 

This project involves a 4-year program of knowledge transfer and networking between Aston University, UK (Aston), the University of Aveiro, Portugal (UAvr), Alfred University, USA (Alfred), Norfolk State University, USA (NSU), National Institute for Materials Science, Japan (NIMS), Chinese Academy of Science, China (CAS), and Changshu Institute of Technology, China (CIT).

Consortium Partners

changshu institute of technology
Norfolk Uni
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Universidade de aveiro
institute of physics cas
Alfred Uni


Alfred University


Dr. Yiquan Wu

Aston University


Dr. Haitao Ye

Changshu Institute of Technology


Prof. Xuefan Jiang

Institute of Physics, CAS


Prof. Changzhi Gu

National Institute of Materials Science


Dr. Yasuo Koide

Norfolk State University


Prof. Sacharia Albin

University of Averio


Prof. Joao Pinto


Work packages

Work package title

Beneficiary/Partner organisation short name

Diamond growth and characterisation

Aston (Leader), UAvr, NSU, NIMS

Diamond-coated fibre Bragg grating system

UAvr (Leader), Aston, NSU

Carbon fibers growth and characterisation 

Alfred (Leader), Aston, CAS

Diamond-based strain sensors

NIMS (Leader), Aston, UAvr

Advanced diamond Raman laser system

NSU (Leader), Aston, UAvr

Fiber sensor for lithium batteries

CIT (Leader), UAvr, Aston, CAS

CNT for interconnection

CAS (Leader), Aston, UAvr, Alfred

Project knowledge transfer

Aston (Leader), UAvr, Alfred, NSU, NIMS, CAS, CIT







1.        M. Liao, J. Liu, L. Sang, D. Coathup, J. Li, M. Imura, Y. Koide, and H. Ye, Impedance analysis of Al2O3/H-terminated diamond metal-oxide-semiconductor structures, Applied Physics Letters, 106 (2015) 083506. 

2.        B. Zhang, Q. Zhao, A. Chang, H. Ye, S. Chen, Y. Wu, New negative temperature coefficient thermistor ceramics in Mn-doped CaCu3-xMnxTi4O12 (0≤x≤1) system, Ceramics International, 40 (2014) 11221.

3.        J. Li, S. Su, L. Zhou, A.M. Abbot, H. Ye, Dielectric transition of polyacrylonitrile derived carbon nano-fibers, Materials Research Express 1 (2014) 035604.

4.        F. Wang, L. Chen, C. Deng, H. Ye, X. Jiang, G. Yang, Porous tin film synthesized by electrodeposition and the electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries, Electrochimica Acta 149 (2014) 330.

5.        B. Zhang, A. Chang, Q. Zhao, H. Ye and Y. Wu, Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Yb-doped Ca0.9-xYbxLa0.1MnO3 Ceramics, Journal of Electronic Materials 43 (2014) 4048.

6.        B. Yan, L. Chen, Y. Liu, G. Zhu, C. Wang, H. Zhang, G. Yang, H. Ye, A. Yuan, Co3O4 nanostructure and high-rate performance as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries: Prepared via book-like cobalt-organic framework, CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 10227.

7.        J. L. Li, S. Su, J. Li, H. Ye, Nanodiamond Converted Hollow Graphene Sphere as Electrodes for Supercapacitors, MRS Proceedings 1658 (2014) mrsf13-1658-rr07-13.

8.        Y. Yang, H. Wang, Q. Zhou, M. Kong, H. Ye, G. Yang, Improved lithium storage properties of electrospun TiO2 with tunable morphology: from porous anatase to necklace rutile, Nanoscale, RSC Publishing, 5 (2013) 10267.

9.        C. J. Tang, A. J. S. Fernandes, M. Granada, J. P. Leitão, S. Pereira, X. F. Jiang, A. J. Neves, J. L. Pinto, H. Ye and J. Grácio, High rate growth of N-doped nanocrystalline diamond films using nitrogen/methane/hydrogen microwave plasma,Vacuum, in press, 2014.