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Photonics is a science and technology platform based on the use of  photons (particles of light) instead of electronics, with applications including:  telecommunications, data storage, optical metrology, optical imaging, bio-photonics, medical diagnostics, broadband communications, manufacturing, displays, healthcare, sensing, lighting, biosciences  and many others. 

This is an opportunity to find out about how light based technologies – such as lasers, fibre optics and spectroscopy - could be useful to your company in ways you might not have expected.   

Photonic sensors can 

  • Monitor strain & temperature throughout composite structures
  • Monitor vibrations and structural health (for bridges, buildings, tunnels etc) 
  • Measure high-resolution temperature or strain profiles of key parts
  • Monitor displacement & twist
  • Monitor oxygen levels, detect gases & chemicals
  • Monitor humidity
  • DNA sequence detection and analysis.
  • Monitor flow, level detection or proximity alarms
  • Measure wear on test components
  • Check critical design parameters during design phase & understand how full-size structures operate
  • Monitor temperatures up to at least 600°c
  • Allow very high precision monitoring of pressure through Interferometric sensors
Also, lasers & light-based devices could be effectively used in:

  • Healthcare
  • Plastic surgery (transplant engraftment rate and prognosis of colloid scar formation before skin cosmetic surgery)
  • Jewellery making
  • Dentistry
  • Steel manufacture ( precise laser cutting )
  • Food safety and agriculture
  • Sign lighting and display decoration
  • Information and communication 
  • Mobility and transport
  • Illumination and energy
  • Pollution and conservation
  • Safety & Security 
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing



We have already assisted many businesses. These are a few business cases from various industries:


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