Business support seminar

Photonics (using light rather than electronics) could be used in almost any type of production, so it might be relevant to your business too, even if you don't think so. Photonics is currently having a major impact on industry and manufacturing by raising productivity levels. We invite you to the informal seminar. We will explain the science behind photonics, how it is being used in industry already and how photonics might help your business. You would be able to identify ways of using our expertise, equipment and financial support for your enterprise.

CAVs Workshop-summary 24th October 2018 

The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT), based at the Aston University in Birmingham,UK engages with industry through EU funded business support projects. 

One such project is called the Innovative Product Support Service (iPSS), and offers report writing, testing, prototyping and more, to companies interested in innovation. The project focuses on developing new products using sensing technologies and lasers, with the aim of taking these products to market.

As part of the institute’s industrial engagement the industrial project team are running a Photonics workshop about CAVs and Big Data. 

AiPT has ultrafast laser technology which is used in research. The shorter pulses of light from such a laser give higher resolution for a more detailed profile of the matter in question.This gives rise to the possibility of using ultrafast lasers for LIDAR (e.g. to analyse terrain, give a precise vehicle location). Fibre sensors for LIDAR could also be explored. AIPT also has optical sensing technologies and there is potential for using these for automobiles. 

Through the workshop we hope to increase our understanding of the applications required from industry. 

It has been commented that the cost and performance of current LIDAR systems may present a barrier to wider adoption, and this may present an opportunity for UK industry to provide improved sources, sensors, optical and system integration. This workshop will look at the current state of play and examine the opportunity for a UK LIDAR supply. The presentations given at our workshop will cover this. Those attending will hear from:

  • JLR on an overview of the CAVs industry;
  • Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on CAVs manufacturers;
  • AIPT on hybrid LIDAR research done with JLR, and its applications.

There will be technology demonstrators, networking and a laboratory tour for those who are interested.