Free onsite visit & business consultancy

Any Birmingham or West Midlands small or medium-sized enterprise  currently has the opportunity to access the expertise at Aston with consultancy  absolutely free of charge. The vast range of applications from telecommunications to welding and engraving could benefit your enterprise, and this free business support can help you discover how.     

The AIPT team are happy to visit you on site and discuss if photonic technology can help address issues and strengthen business areas. With mutual agreement, AIPT are able to offer resources for initial investigations at no cost to you. 

For business support opportunities contact us via email:


What's included?

  • One or two days of free consultancy
  • Up to two weeks of investigations/lab research
  • Cut production costs or improve eficciency of your business
  • Find out how photonics could be used for the first time
  • Access world-class expertise at zero cost 

How does that work?

  • Fill in the form on the right
  • We will contact you for eligibility check:
    your business should fit SME criteria to receive free support
  • We will visit you to:
    • show a few demos of our technology
    • discuss your problems
    • identify weak points/bottlenecks
  • As a result you will most probably get (depending on your business):
    • a few ideas of improving your business or its efficiency
    • a report on how to do that
    • some initial testing in our labs if needed
    • advice on getting funding for implementing those ideas


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