Research areas

biofuels sert

Research subjects in biofuels:

•       Energy conversion efficiency of biofuels from waste•       Engine optimisation for biofuel operation

•       Assessment of biofuel production processes on energy conversion

•       Impacts on CO2 and pollutant emissions

•       Second and third generation biofuels

•       Ethanol

Selected publications:

•       K Masera, AK Hossain. Biofuels and thermal barrier: A review on compression ignition engine performance, combustion and exhaust gas emission. Journal of the Energy Institute, Vol 92, pp 783-801, 2019.

•       AM Morais, SM Hanriot, A Oliveira, MAM Justino, OS Valente, JR Sodré. An assessment of fuel consumption and emissions from a diesel power generator converted to operate with ethanol. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, vol 35, pp 291-297, 2019.

•       C Onumaegbu, J Mooney, A Alaswad, AG Olabi. Pre-treatment methods for production of biofuel from microalgae biomass. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 93, pp 16-26, 2018. 

•       C Rodriguez, A Alaswad, KY Benyounis, AG Olabi. Pretreatment techniques used in biogas production from grass. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol 68, pp 1193-1204, 2017.

AK Hossain, C Serrano, J Brammer, A Omran, F Ahmed, DI Smith,  PA Davies.  Combustion of fuel blends containing digestate pyrolysis oil in a multi-cylinder compression ignition engine. Fuel, vol 171, pp 18-28, 2016.

Research subjects in electric vehicles:Electric vehicles

•       Support of V2G infrastructure to intelligent energy distribution technology

•       Development of communication and control platform for V2G/building systems

•       Development of vehicle communication software for performance and emission savings evaluation

•       Development of traction drives for next generation propulsion

•       Analysis of transition from ICE vehicles to EVs, including carbon savings and energy impacts

•       Hybrid and autonomous vehicles

Selected publications:

•       ACR Teixeira, JR Sodré. Impacts of replacement of engine powered vehicles by electric vehicles on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Transportation Research Part D, vol 59, pp 375–384, 2018.

•       EAM Falcão, ACR Teixeira, JR Sodré. Analysis of CO2 emissions and techno-economic feasibility of an electric commercial vehicle. Applied Energy, vol 193, pp 297-307, 2017.

•       C Gan, J Wu, Y Hu, S Yang, W Cao, JM Guerrero. New integrated multilevel converter for switched reluctance motor drives in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with flexible energy conversion. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol 32, pp 3754-3766, 2016.

•       Y Zhang, W Cao, S McLoone, J Morrow. Design and flux-weakening control of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, vol 26, pp 1-6, 2016.

ACR Teixeira, JR Sodré. Simulation of the impacts on carbon dioxide emissions from replacement of a conventional Brazilian taxi fleet by electric vehicles. Energy, vol 115, pp 1617-1622, 2016.

______________________________________________________________________________________Energy sert

Research subjects in energy systems:

•       Thermal energy storage

•       Combined heat and power (CHP)

•       Organic Rankine cycle (ORC)

•       Supercritical CO2 cycle

•       Solar and wind energy

•       District heating and cooling

•       Hydrogen energy

•       Reverse osmosis desalination

Selected publications:

•       J Wronski, M Imran, MJ Skovrup, F Haglind. Experimental and numerical analysis of a reciprocating piston expander with variable valve timing for small-scale organic Rankine cycle power systems. Applied Energy, vol 247, pp 403-416, 2019.

•       M Imran, F Haglind, V Lemort, A Meroni. Optimization of organic Rankine cycle power systems for waste heat recovery on heavy-duty vehicles considering the performance, cost, mass and volume of the system. Energy, vol 180, pp 229-241, 2019.

•       M Imran, F Haglind, M Asim, JZ Alvi. Recent research trends in organic Rankine cycle technology: A bibliometric approach. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol 81, pp 552-562, 2018.

•       J Ahmad, M Imran, A Khalid, W Iqbal, SR Ashraf, M Adnan, SF Ali, KS Khokhar. Techno economic analysis of a wind-photovoltaic-biomass hybrid renewable energy system for rural electrification: A case study of Kallar Kahar. Energy, vol 148, pp 208-234, 2018.

•       SP Lee, A Rezk, ML Jupp, AK Nickson. The influence of pulse shape on the performance of a mixed flow turbine for turbocharger applications. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, vol 7, pp 136-142, 2018.

•       HA Ali, M Baronian, L Burlace, PA Davies, S Halasah, M Hind, A Hossain, C Lipchin, A Majali, M Mark, T Naughton. Off-grid desalination for irrigation in the Jordan Valley. Desalination and Water Treatment, 169 (2019) 143-154.

M Asim, M Imran, MKH Leung, NTU Kumar, AR Martin, F Kashif. Experimental analysis of solar thermal integrated MD system for cogeneration of drinking water and hot water for single family villa in Dubai using flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors. Desalination and Water Treatment, vol 92, pp 46-59, 2017.  


Research subjects in fuel cells:fuel cells sert

•       Proton exchange fuel cells (PEM), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), and emerging technologies

•       Modelling and simulation

•       Process optimisation

•       Lifecycle assessment

•       Cost and exergoeconomic analysis

•       Integration to fuel reforming and vehicle systems

Selected publications:

•       A Omran, DI Smith, A Alaswad, AP Amiri, JR Sodré, Proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system mathematical modelling. 14th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment systems, Dubrovnik, 1-6 October 2019.

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S Tang, A Amiri, P Vijay, MO Tade, Development and validation of a computationally efficient pseudo 3D model for planar SOFC integrated with a heating furnace. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol 290, pp 252-262, 2016.