SARI members

Dr Roberto Alamino (NCRG) 

Vania Almeida (NCRG): biomedical signal processing and decision support systems for medical applications.

Dr Lucy Bastin (ALICE)

Dr Nelly Bencomo (ALICE)

Dr Christopher Buckingham (ALICE): application of cognitive engineering to create, analyse, and evolve large-scale decision support systems, particularly in the health domain.

Dr A Chattopadhay (NCRG): the research consummates big data from biology, finance and soft/hard materials to design stochastic models which probabilistically predict dynamical behaviour.

Dr Maria Chli (ALICE): application of machine learning techniques to intelligent agents and multi-agent systems to optimise and analyse complex systems.

Dr Jens Christian Claussen  (NCRG): nonlinear dynamics of complex systems, modeling biological and socio-economic systems, evolutionary game theory, neural dynamics, complex network analysis, information theory, delay and control of chaos

Dr Antonio Garcia Dominguez: the development of large software systems through model driven and model based approaches, and the technologies required to enable the day to day management of these large models.

Dr Aniko Ekart (ALICE): computational intelligence and, in particular, evolutionary computation and genetic programming, both theory and application to art, design and optimisation.

Dr Diego Faria: the development of intelligent systems towards human-robot interaction and assistive living resorting to probabilistic approaches for learning, analytics and inference on multi-modal sensory information.

Dr Sotos Generalis (NCRG, ALICE): the numerical solution of the strongly non-linear Navier-Stokes equations and their stability in incompressible plane-parallel shear fluid flows, for the purpose of probing, and ultimately understanding, the structure of turbulence.

Dr Harry Goldingay (ALICE): self-organisation in complex systems; particularly in the effects of heterogeneity and diversity and in both virtual and embodied swarm systems.

Dr Randa Herzallah (NCRG):the general topic of probabilistic modelling and control of complex dynamical systems; in particular, Bayesian inference, dynamic programming, fully probabilistic design, probabilistic pinning control, and distributed control.

Dr Otti D'Huys (NCRG): dynamics and information processing of time-delay networks.

Dr Sudhir Jain (NCRG)

Dr Jason Laurie (NCRG): statistical modelling of turbulence with applications to large-scale dynamics of geophysical flows.

Dr Peter Lewis (ALICE): biological, social and economics-inspired techniques for continuous adaptation, learning and self-organisation in complex agent-based systems; particularly systems that are decentralised, heterogeneous and self-aware.

Dr Max Little (NCRG)

Professor David Lowe (NCRG)

Dr Jo Lumsden (Aston Interactive Media (AIM) Lab): human computer interaction (HCI), including design and evaluation of myriad systems (but especially mobile assistive technologies)

Dr Geoffrey Stewart Morrison (Centre for Forensic Linguistics): forensic inference and statistics, forensic speech science

Dr J van Mourik (NCRG, ALICE)

Dr Juan Neirotti(NCRG): applications of statistical mechanics technics to disordered and complex system.

Dr Dmitry Nerukh (NCRG): theory and simulation of complex dynamics of large biomolecular systems.

Dr Alina Patelli (ALICE)

Professor David Saad (NCRG)

Dr Michael Stich (NCRG): dynamics and evolution of complex chemical and biological systems.

Dr Elizabeth Wanner (ALICE): population-based multiobjective optimization and matheuristics, multi-criteria decision analysis, mathematical and statistical aspects of optimization theory.

Dr Weiren Yu: the general areas of big data science, including web information retrieval, graph database systems, data mining, sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Dr Igor Yurkevich  (NCRG): quantum effects in strongly correlated systems

Professor Hai Zhuge (Laboratory on Semantics, Knowledge and Data): explore principles of semantics, knowledge and dimensions on big data.

Dr Ulysses Bernardet (ALICE)