Dr Christopher Buckingham

Reader in Computer Science

Phone number: +44 (0)121 204 3450
Email:  c.d.buckingham@aston.ac.uk
Room Number: MB 211N

  • BSc in Psychology (Southampton University)
  • MSc in Computer Science ( Birmingham University)
  • PhD in Computer Science ( Birmingham University)


  • The nature and development of expertise
  • Psychological classification and decision-making
  • Reasoning with uncertainty
  • Clinical decision making
  • Mental health informatics
  • Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems
The GRiST decision support system for assessing and managing risks associated with mental health problems: www.egrist.org. See Dr Buckingham's research explorer page for details about specific projects and funding.

  •  Jan Chircop (A Multiple Pheromone Algorithm for Cluster Analysis (MPACA))
  • Sasha Hegazy (Inductive Parameter Learning in Complex Hierarchical Knowledge Structures Representing Clinical Expertise)
  • Ali Rezaei-Yazdi (Modelling experts' reasoning with uncertainty to accommodate the impact of missing data and non-linear data interactions)
  • Ashraful Islam (Analysis of free-text data collected by a mental-health risk assessment tool for validating, integrating with, and improving the quantitative data collection)
  • Olufunmilayo Obembe (Development of a Probabilistic Graphical Structure from a Model of Mental Health Clinical Expertise)
  • Munirah Mohd-Yusof (Case-based reasoning and its role in eliciting uncertainty values within an Intelligent Knowledge Based System)
  • Rozlina Mohamed (User-Defined View for Query Routing in Super-Peer P2P Networks)