Dr Eleni Tseligka

Learning Technologist

Eleni T

I joined Aston University in July 2018 and my pedagogical interests focus on student inclusion, engagement and empowerment, as well as collaboration and co-creation.

In my current role I place emphasis, among other things, on the use of Blackboard and Turnitin for course delivery and assessment as well as on the use of Office 365 applications for teaching and learning. 

I have a BSc (Hons) in Computing Science, an MA and a PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences and I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). I was a Lecturer at Staffordshire University from 2013 to 2016 and in 2017 I joined the university’s Academic Development Unit. In total I have over a decade of teaching experience, in Higher and Vocational Education.


2018. PhD Humanities and Social Sciences, Staffordshire University

2012. PG Cert. Research Methods, Staffordshire University

2010. MA International Policy and Diplomacy, Staffordshire University 

2001. BSc (Hons) Computing Science, Staffordshire University

2018-Present Learning Technologist, Aston University

2017-2018 Learning Technologist, Staffordshire University

2016-2017 Student Services, Staffordshire University

2013-2016 Lecturer of Politics, Staffordshire University

2007-2010 ECDL IT Trainer, Greece

Member of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) 

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK (SFHEA, UK)

Member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR)

Member of the Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA)

Member of the Editorial board for Cogent Arts & Humanities, part of Taylor & Francis | Routledge

  • Student inclusion, engagement and empowerment
  • Diasporas, migration and EU migration policies
  • Social cohesion, integration, cultural reterritorialisation
  • Religion and identity related issues of Diasporas
  • Nationalism, minorities and the European public sphere

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Tseligka, Eleni (2019) Greek Diaspora in Germany: Church as the Ecclesia’s Forerunner and Point of Reference. In Giordan, Giuseppe & Zrinščak, Siniša (Eds.) Global Eastern Orthodoxy: Politics, Religion, and Human Rights. New York: Springer (Forthcoming).

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Tseligka, Eleni (2013) There is such thing as bad publicity: How the stereotyping of Greeks in the German press, between October 2009 and October 2012, affected Greeks living in Germany. In Media & Politics Group Annual Conference. Bournemouth, Wednesday 13th to Thursday 14th November 2013. Bournemouth University.

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Tseligka, Eleni (2012) Δημόσιο και έλλειμμα δημοκρατίας [Dimosio kai elleimma dimoktratias (Eng.: Public sector and democracy deficit)]. To Vima. [Online] 11th July. Available from: http://www.tovima.gr/opinions/useropinions/article/?aid=466527