Dr Gouzhan Jiang

Research Fellow

Phone number
+44 (0)121 204 3398


Guozhan was awarded his BSc in Polymer Chemistry and Engineering from Tianjin University of China in 1991. After graduation, he worked as a chemical process engineer in the China National Petroleum Corporation for eight years.

In 1999, he came to the UK as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials Engineering at Loughborough University. Following a  year of research there, he undertook his PhD study at the University of Nottingham on the synthesis of biodegradable polymer and composites, graduating in 2004. Subsequently, he took a research fellow position at the University of Nottingham. His postdoctoral research was on polymer decomposition, with a special focus on epoxy resin decomposition in fluidised bed and in supercritical fluids. The work mainly involved process development and analysis of decomposition products.
Guozhan joined Bioenergy Research Group of Aston University in July 2007 after working at Nottingham University for seven years. His research at Aston is focused on thermal processing of biomass and upgrading of the bio-oils obtained in this process.

Qualifications & Education
BSc, PhD