Dr Igor Khrushchev


Phone number:  0121 204 3516
Email:  Room number:  N310


Igor Khrushchev is a Lecturer with the Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering subject group in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and obtained a PhD from General Physics Institute (GPI), Russian Academy of Sciences. He commenced his work in photonics at the GPI where he studied generation and nonlinear dynamics of ultrashort optical pulses, mode-locked and single-frequency fibre lasers, and short-pulse laser diodes. In 1996, he joined the Optoelectronics Group at the University of Bristol and continued research on short-pulse generation in novel laser diode structures, including laser arrays and GaN devices. At the same time, he was working with nonlinear optical fibre devices. To develop this work further, he was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship which he held for a period 1999-2004. I.Khrushchev joined Aston University in 2000 and engaged in research in several related areas, including compact sources of ultrashort optical pulses, high-capacity data transmission and laser processing of materials.

He served as a reviewer for a number of journals and is a member of EPSRC Peer Review College and CLEO/QELS Technical Program Committee. 

He was an academic visitor to ORC, Southampton, in 1992, University College London in 1994-1995, University of Bath in 1996 and Harvard University in 2005-2006. He has published more than 100 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and filed 5 patent applications.

  •  Optical Communication Systems  
  • Optoelectronics  Laboratories
  • Fundamentals of Physics   

 High-capacity optical data transmission; laser processing of optical materials; generation and dynamics of ultrashort optical pulses; novel passive optoelectronic components and devices.


  •  2006 -  Amos Martinez
    Inscription of in-fibre photonic devices by an infrared femtosecond laser
  • 2006 -  Ashley Gray
    40Gb/s Transmission over Standard Fibre Using Raman Amplification 
  • 2005 -  Youfang Hu
    Ultrashort pulse generation from diode laser devices 
  • 2003 -  Yak Wan (Andy) Lee
    Advanced optical techniques for high capacity data transmission