Dr Igor V Yurkevich


Room number: MB313E

HEA Fellow 2015
PGCert in Professional Practice 2015
PhD in Theoretical Physics 1988

MSc in Physics, University of Kharkov, Ukraine 1982

2012-present Aston University - Lecturer; Senior Lecturer

1997-2012 University of Birmingham - Senior Research Fellow

1995-1997 Int’l Centre of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy - Visiting Research Fellow 

1992-1995 Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel - Visiting Research Fellow 

1988-1992 Institute for Low Temperature Physics And Engineering, Kharkov, Ukraine - Senior Research Fellow

1982-1988 Institute of Radiophysics andElectronics, Kharkov, Ukraine  PhD student, Research Fellow 

AM30ME Classical Mechanics
AM20ME Mechanics
AM20MR Mathematics Final Year Report
AM30MP Mathematics Final Year Project
AM20LM Linear Mathematics (2012)
AM20SR Stochastic Processes (2012)
Quantum field theory
Strongly correlated low dimensional fermions
Quantum non-linear optics
Mesoscopics and localisation in condensed matter
Dynamics of strongly non-equilibrium states
Random networks 

Alex Grishin 2005, Impurity effects and decoherence in low-dimensional nanoscale structures

Nick Sedlmayr 2007, Coulomb blockade in quantum dots

Gareth Woods 2009, Classical diffusion of a particle in a one dimensional random potential

Jim Baldwin 2010, Kondo model and qubit decoherence

Daniel Larsson 2011, Noise in coulomb blockaded quantum dots and kondo systems

Tom Phoenix 2011, Noise and the full counting statistics of a Coulomb blockaded quantum dot

Alex Galda 2012, Impurity scattering in Luttinger Liquids

Kevin Ralley 2012, Photon blockade in one dimension