Dr Thomas Allsop

Senior Research Fellow

Phone number: +44 (0)121 204 3484
Email:  allsotdp@aston.ac.uk
Room Number: N419

Fibre optics sensors and sensing schemes that has the ability to spatially understanding the shape, location, orientation, contours and texture of an object.

Optical fibre/planar plasmonic devices based upon the exploitation of a combination of technologies, grating inscription, femtosecond laser micro-fabrication, laser material interaction/processing and structured thin film coating technologies for “Lab-on-a-Chip” or “lab-on-a-fibre” for chemical, biochemical and biological applications

The generation of evanescent fields and how they interact with the surrounding environment and their supporting planar or fibre substrate.



Fibre optic sensors

Femtosecond laser inscription schemes. 

Co-research Investigator on an EPSRC Joint Research Grant : EP/J010413/1

Title: Grating and waveguide plasmonic sensors: Co-research investigator with the major input in the construction of the grant proposal

Surface plasmon resonance (long range, damped, localised plasmons) sensors for biochemical (gas and aqueous) ultra-low concentration applications, along with formation and characterisation of ultra-sensitive plasmonic sensors based on localised surface plasmons on nano-scale structured coatings/structured thin films.

Development and construction of sensing arrays and interrogation schemes for medical applications including respiratory function monitoring (a real-time 3-Dimensional shape sensing system) and kinetocardiography (high sensitivity curvature sensing scheme).

Developing fibre optic tactile and texture sensors

Developing magnetic field fibre optic sensors