Mr Remi Barillec

Research Fellow (Neural Computing Research Group)

Phone number
0121 204 3664  


Room number

Teaching activity

  • CS2010 - 2nd Year Group Project 2008-09 - Group 2
  • CS2010 - 2nd Year Group Project 2008-09 - Group 12
  • Bayesian Methods course, 14-15 January 2009  

Research interests

  • Data assimilation / Dynamic modelling
  • Bayesian precipitation nowcasting
  • MUCM (Managing Uncertainty in Complex Models)

Selected publications

  • Precipitation Nowcasting Using Bayesian Inference, Barillec, R. and Cornford, D., in press, Advances in Water Resources, 2008
  • A Comparison of Variational and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Inference in Partially Observed Stochastic Dynamic Systems, Y. Shen, C. Archambeau, D. Cornford, M. Opper, J. Shawe-Taylor and R. Barillec, Journal of Signal Processing Systems, 2008