Nazmul Hussain

Nazmul Hassain

PhD student

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I joined at Aston University, Computer Science Research Group (CSRG) in July 2012 as a PhD student, having completed BSc and MSc in Information Technology from University of Wolverhampton. At present, I am doing research for the development of a data integration framework for Proteomics knowledge and data sharing among collaborators, linking disparate data sources, and integrate semantically heterogeneous data (Cancer proteomics) to perform more effective and efficient SPARQL query to answer a specific biological question.

Research Synopsis:

Scientific progress requires a stronger collaboration and intra- and inter-community information sharing. Linking, sharing, publishing and Access to information, analysis of data, and integration of knowledge are key components of omics research. Scientists must be able to integrate data and to combine information from diverse sources, and to compare their results to prior knowledge. Data integration is the combination of heterogeneous biological data encoded with different semantics. My contribution is to apply collaborative and social network methodology for the semantically heterogeneous data integration.
This study will present an approach for the integration of cancer ‘omics’ data that are semantically conflicts among the heterogeneous data sources. I will apply Sematic Web Technology such as OWL, RDF / RDFS to resolve semantic conflicts, initiated by using different terms in the same entity in reality, and then SPARQL query will accomplish through those data sources to answer specific Biological questions.

Qualifications & Education

  • 2010 – 2012, MSc in Information Technology (Data Engineering), University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • 2008 – 2010, BSc (Hons) in Information Technology, 2:1, University of Wolverhampton, UK


  • 2013, Aston Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE
  • 2010, Student Associate Scheme, University of Wolverhampton


  • 2009, CompTIA A+ Certified Technician
  • 2007, CompTIA N+ Professional

Technical Skills

  • Database Design and Development, Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Java, C/C++, C#.NET, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Basic 6.0, WordPress.
  • MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Excel.
  • Build, Repair and Maintenance of Desktop PC, Laptop and Net Book.

2010, Teaching Assistant, Willnehall School Sports College

Research interests 
  • Semantic Web Technology
  • Social Network
  • Autonomous Computing
  • Cancer Proteomics
  • Web 2.0

Teaching activity

  • CS1310 - Java Programming Foundations (CS)
  • CS2300 – Java Program Constructions