Dr Dmitry Nerukh

D Nerukh

Senior Lecturer

Non-linearity and Complexity Research Group (NCRG)

Phone number: +44 (0)121 204 3533
Email: D.Nerukh@aston.ac.uk
Room number: MB310M
For my CV and publications see my Personal web page


Kinetics of ligand binding. Obtaining the rates of binding of small molecules to proteins from realistic full-atom molecular dynamics simulations. Developing approaches for calculating correct bio-molecular transformation rates, taking into account non-Markvoian behaviour of states.

Self-organising molecular systems. Adapting and evolving chemical systems. Applications to self-organising materials.

Hybrid hydrodynamics – molecular dynamics simulation. Modelling bio-molecular systems where fully atomistic and purely hydrodynamic representations coexist and smoothly transform into each other at different spatial locations.

Complexity of dynamical systems. Quantitative approaches to computing the complexity of physical systems. Informational contents of classical dynamics of molecular systems. Molecules as non-linear dynamical systems.

Protein folding. Molecular Dynamics simulation of protein folding. Complexity of the dynamics of folding. “Controlled MD” – a correct methods for accelerated folding simulations.

Bohmian quantum dynamics. Application of Bohmian mechanics to realistic molecular systems. Developing methods for effective propagation of Bohmian quantum trajectories for multidimensional systems.