Professor Nick Doran

Professor in Photonics
Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT)

Prof Nick Doran

Room:  NW515 
Phone:  0121 204 3508 

Prof Doran has over 30 years research experience in high speed and long distance optical communications. He led a research team at BT for 10 years on both theoretical and experimental investigations in ultra-high speed optical systems from 1981 to 1991. He jointly established the photonics research group at Aston University 1991-2000 specialising in soliton communication and processing. During this time the research was extensively funded by EPSRC and supported by industrial contracts with Marconi and KDD.The success of this research programme led directly to the development of commercial systems.  In 2000 he established a start-up development within Marconi(SOLSTIS) to develop an ultralong communication system based on his research. This product was successfully developed and deployed as the world’s longest high speed WDM system. The product, developed under his leadership, forms the core of the current Ericsson Multihaul 3000 WDM system. In 2005 he took on the role of Head and Director of the Institue of Advanced Telecommunication (IAT) at Swansea University. He returned to Aston University in November 2013 and there runs two key research projects on nonlinear fibre amplification (EPSRC )

Wideband Optical Communication Systems Using Phase-Sensitive/Insensitive Fibre Optical Parametric Amplifiers) and optical networks (FP7 DISCUS )

Prof Doran has published over 200 papers on optical transmission and processing, over 20 patents( a portfolio of which owned by Aston University was recently sold for almost $1/2m) and is an acknowledged world leader in the subject of soliton transmission and processing. He invented the concept of dispersion managed solitons and the extensively used Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror (NOLM). He is one of the top 25 cited authors in the first 25 years of Optics Letters with an individual paper in the top 25 of that journal. He has a current H –index of 40 with over 4000 citations of his publications. Prof Doran has extensive experience in optical transmission both in the academic and commercial arena and has led teams on this subject at BT, Aston and Marconi. Prof Doran has extensive international contacts and has been an active member of the community for example as the technical chair of ECOC 2005.

Optical communications systems: nonlinearity and networks