Electronic Engineering



Attention new students for 2020! Please click here to download the algebra refresher.

Welcome from Dr John Williams, Electrical and Electronic Head of Department, and Dr Elena Turitsyna, Undergraduate Programme Director.

We hope that your time as an undergraduate here will be stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable.

Our programmes have been designed to challenge you and to allow you to develop the technical and transferable skills that you will need in your future career. We will offer numerous opportunities to get involved in the wider engineering community via the IET and industrial links.

The level of success you have at Aston will largely depend on the extent to which you engage with the programme. It is important that you fully participate in lectures, laboratory work and tutorials. It is also crucial that you study outside of the timetabled classes. If you are aiming to join the fast track MEng programmes remember that you need to obtain a 60% average or higher over the first two years so you will need to manage your workload well (and still leave time for a social life)! Joining the electronics society gives you access to the student lab and offers you the opportunity to develop your own projects and take part in various competitions.

In the first week all students will be assigned a Personal Tutor whom you should arrange to meet at least twice a semester. Their job is to help you succeed in your chosen degree and offer guidance on academic matters.

Your Personal Tutor should also be your first point of contact if you have a problem like long-term illness that is affecting your studies. Please raise any issues as soon as possible so that they can be managed appropriately. If it is something that needs urgent attention, and your tutor is unavailable please contact your Programme Director (Dr Elena Turitsyna, e.g.turitsyna@aston.ac.uk). For administrative issues, e.g. timetable difficulties, etc. you should make enquiries at the EPS College Centre. This is located in the foyer area of the first floor in the main building. The administration team can also be contacted by email: eas_ug@aston.ac.uk

Finally, we wish you success in your studies here at Aston in the coming year.