MATHEMATICSWelcome to the Mathematics Group in the School of Engineering & Applied Science 

The subject group of Mathematics is responsible for most of the mathematics provision across the School of Engineering and Applied Science, including: BSc Mathematics, BSc Mathematics with Computing, JointHons Mathematics with Economics, JointHons Business and Mathematics. 

Our aim is to offer you a challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding experience, leading ultimately to a good degree and the prospect of a worthwhile career.

In enrolling for a degree, you have embarked on a major enterprise. You will need to find your way around your University, a large and complex organisation. Your study will involve a wide variety of activities, undertaken in many different locations, and with differing expectations (and, in some cases, rules). This guide has vital information needed for your time at Aston. Please read it through. 

  • Dr Sotos Generalis:  Head of Group Mathematics
  • Dr Michael Stich: Single Honours Programme Director (BSc Mathematics, BSc Mathematics with Computing)
  • Dr Wei-En Tan: Joint Honours Programme Director (JointHons Mathematics with Economics, JointHons Business and Mathematics)