Aston entering the Shell Eco-Marathon since 2009. 

2015: Rotterdam, Holland

Aston University was proud to present "GIGI" our wooden, 3 seat Hydrogen Urban Concept car. 

shell 2015
2014: Rotterdam, Holland.

The Moneypenny running on Hydrogen competed in Urban Concept category. Regrettably we didn't take any places.

Shell 2014
Aston Shell Eco-marathon car 2014
2013: Rotterdam, Holland. 
Our students finished 9th overall in the hydrogen fuel powered concept car category. 

EAS hydrogen powered car
Aston Shell Eco-marathon car 2013

2012: Rotterdam, Holland. 
A hydrogen powered car designed by our students took the 1st place and has won a major award.

shell eco car 2012
Aston Shell eco car 2012, winner
2011: Lausitz, Germany 

Team used plywood panels to form a flat-pack 'IKEA' style car which could be assembled by slotting the panels together. Powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and also featuring a pivoting mechanism and fabric coverings.

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shell eco 2011
Aston shell eco team 2011 won the 'Perseverance in the face of adversity' award due to the can-do attitude and strong team spirit


The car's chassis was made using steel tubing, this also acted as a roll bar. The body was then made up of carbon fibre. 

2010's entry unfortunately had issues with weight at the competition and a malfunctioning Fuel Cell, which meant the car did not race. 

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2010 team at the competition
The 2010 Car at the Marathon
This was the first year Aston University entered the Shell Eco-Marathon. 

This was almost as a trial run to secure Aston's place at the competition for future years. Not much was known about the competition, but the team carried on with high hopes. The body was made out of fibre glass, with again a steel chassis. 

2009's Concept Car
2009's Concept Car