Formula Student 2016

Aston Racing 2016

With the University celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2016, the Aston Racing Team is looking forward to representing Aston in our 13th year of competing in FSUK. 

Car 117 is an evolution on last year’s design carrying over the use of a steel space frame chassis.
Manufactured in house improvements to the 2016 design yielded benefits including:

  • 11kg weight reduction
  • 24% stiffness-to-weight ratio improvement

Design and Testing

See the car in action

This year the team have development various components in striving to improve performance, handling, weight and aerodynamic efficiency. Confirmed improvements include notable successes in:

  • Reduced engine and driver center of gravity
  • Reduced roll hoop height and radiator size
  • Reduced frontal area and drag force
  • Compact pull-rod suspension 
  • Increased driver comfort
  • Engine dynamometer mapping


The Team

The team comprises of eleven final year engineering students:

  • Amandeep Malhi (Front Suspension)
  • James Stock    (Drive-train)
  • James White    (Chassis and vehicle integration)
  • Jamie Oliver   (Uprights and hubs)
  • Jess Palfrey   (Driver Environment)
  • Josh Stevens   (Attenuator, jig and manufacture)
  • Kamrul Hasan   (Rear Suspension)
  • Mark Wightman  (Engine and lubrication)
  • Nick Craig     (Engine tuning and manufacture)
  • Owen McNamee   (Bodywork and cooling)
  • Victor Roberts (Intake)


The team would like to thank their dedicated University staff:

David Upton (Faculty Advisor)

Assisted by

David Smith and Reece Lillie