Go Green Champions


Fancy getting involved in helping your department to Go Green? 

Want the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and making a positive difference?  Or, would you just like the chance to win an award for your team and attend our annual awards lunch?!

If you said yes to any (or all!) of the above then you should be one of our Aston Go Green Champions. We are recruiting staff volunteers for the Aston Go Green Champions campaign and all you need to do to sign up is contact environment@aston.ac.uk.

There are Go Green Champions from teams across the University, Conference Aston and Student Union who work hard to improve our sustainability at Aston and get involved in our Go Green Workbook. 

Bimonthly Challenge!

We send out a workbook every 2 months to our Go Green Champions, who can gain points by completing the tasks. These will be shared in a monthly league table alongside our electricity league. Look out for this league table on the plasma screen in the Main Building reception.

Green Lab Certification

Laboratories are one of the primary waste generators at universities around the world. Using roughly 4 times more energy than office spaces of the same size, laboratories have an enormous impact on a university's energy use. 

The Green Lab Certification encourages staff and students to make their laboratories and workplaces more sustainable. Members of any lab from any department can participate by undergoing an informal review of their practices.

To apply for certification, lab members simply fill out the online application (this typically takes 20-25 mins). This short online survey allows them to see what steps they are already taking to be green and where they can improve. It covers topics from several action-based categories, such as Energy Usage, Communication, Waste, Chemical Usage, Water Usage, Work-Related Travel, and more.

Once complete you will be awarded a certificate and areas of improvement to better your accreditation status.