Below is a selection of photos taken of wildlife and nature on our campus, including a selection of some of the best snaps taken for the Go Green Week Wildlife & Nature Photography Competition 2017. If you have any pictures you would like to contribute to the gallery please email them to the Environment Team.

Red Admiral wildlife photograph
Red Admiral by Anne Perkins
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ACWG canada goose
Goose close up by Beth Astington
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ACWG fog
Foggy Aston by Jenny Howe
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ACWG lake and water feature
Lake and water feature by Lyndsay Boggild
yellow caterpillar
Sycamore moth caterpillar by Liz Hunt
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ACWG bright red fruit
Bright red fruit on a tree by Nikki Salmon
Tree blossom
Tree blossom by Denise Jackson
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ACWG blackbird close up
The blackbird by Beth Astington
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ACWG honey fungus
Honey Fungus by Kate Nicholls
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ACWG yellow flowers
Daffodils in front of Aston by Lyndsay Boggild
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ACWG frozen
Icicles by Martin May
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ACWG mother and babies
Sheltering the babies by Wendy Ferris
Fallen willow courtesy of Doris
Fallen Willow courtesy of Doris by Anne Perkins
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Goose and Goslings
Goose and goslings
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ACWG garden spider orange flower
Insy Winsy garden spider by Kate Nicholls
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ACWG black and white magpie
The Magpie by Marion Carrier
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ACWG canada geese
Two geese by Nasima Mulla
Insect hotel Bugingham Pallets
Bug Hotel by EBRI - Bugingham Pallets
ACWG winter crab apples
Winter Crab Apples by Anne Perkins
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ACWG bird in tree
Bird in tree by Deb Tovey
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ACWG burst of colour
Pretty pink flower by Laura Bryan
Wildlife Gallery
First Kestrel chick hatching in 2010
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Insect hotel
Insect Hotel next to the Nursery
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ACWG yellow petals
Yellow flowers by Yvonne Burquest