IT Security and Protection

IT Security
IT Security is a serious issue that cannot be ignored by anyone who uses a computer. Even If you believe you don't have anything worth protecting on your computer, it is still important to keep it safe.

'How would you like to get a call from the police telling you that there's been a cyber attack which has been traced back to your computer ? Or that your credit card has been used to fund a serious crime' ?

It is therefore important to be aware of the 'bad guys' in cyberspace and how they utilise various methods to infiltrate your computer and carry out malicious acts with your identity.

In this section we have provided you information on all the major types of security threats and how to protect and prevent yourself from becoming the next target.


Maintaining the security of ICT systems that use the University network is of paramount importance. ICT security aims to protect:

  • The privacy of information held in the computer systems from unwanted access or modification 
  • You against identify fraud
  • The computer systems from malicious disruption
  • The good reputation of the University


Note that although equipment has built in protection mechanisms these cannot be perfect and are influenced by our behaviour. Hence we can compromise the security by our actions.

It is important for users to behave and use IT equipment in an appropriate manner in order to comply with University regulations and UK legislation. Failure to work within these rules can result in legal action or University disciplinary action. Please be aware that UK law can be different to that experienced in other parts of the world, for example in the area of:

  • Copyright law and how it relates to the downloading of music and films from the Internet.

The above statements apply to all equipment used on the University network irrespective of it being owned by the University or the User. For example if you connect your computer to the University wireless network:

  • Please keep software up to date to protect the computer
  • Don’t use your computer to download films etc if you don’t have the proper permission.

You should familiarise yourself with 3 important University documents, available here:

  • Aston's Acceptable Use Policy - This comments on the things you should or shouldn't do.
  • Aston's Monitoring Policy - This comments on the monitoring of your activities on the computer systems.
  • Aston's IT Security Policy - This covers all aspects of IT Security at the University


In these pages you’ll find advice and guidance to make you more aware of the issues and risks so that you can work and socialise safely on-line. 

Cyber Essentials