Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Aston uniPRINT is the new campus-wide printing, copying and scanning service for staff and students.

We have recently replaced all print devices across the campus with the latest HP technology.

How does it work?

When you send a document to print on uniPRINT it is stored on a central server until you swipe your uniCARD at the print device of your choice. 

Important: Your print jobs will be cleared from the uniPRINT queue after 3 days if you have not collected them from a print device. 

All student computers are automatically set to print directly to uniPRINT and all managed staff computers will have the new print queues available for you to select and use.

You will need to add the print queue manually on unmanaged computers: see the guides.

Registering your uniCARD

If you have never used uniPRINT or you have had a replacement uniCARD, then your card will be unknown to the system. Don't worry though as it is really easy to register it.  

Present the card to any of the uniPRINT devices. It will tell you that the card is unknown and ask you to enter your normal university login details. The card will then be automatically associated with this login account.  

If you now present the card again you will be logged into the device and be ready to print, copy or scan.

Printer settings

When you print, your work will automatically print in black and white and duplex (double-sided). You'll need to change your settings to select single-sided or colour.

Printing account

Check the progress of the documents you've sent to print and access Web Print here:

Your printing account

Note: this page is only available to On-campus users.

Mobile Print From Your Own Devices

You can also print to uniPrint using AirPrint on Apple devices, an Android application, via Email and also Web Print. Details on how to use these can be found in our setup guides.

This gives you an easy way to print from tablets or smartphones to uniPRINT.

Visitor Printing

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