New contract for our printing services

It's been several years since Digital Services introduced managed printing services to the university and as such our contract with our supplier came to an end. We are pleased to announce that we have awarded a new contract to Landscape Printing Systems Ltd. 

As part of this new contract we are working with Landscape to refresh our ageing printers with brand new HP devices.  The devices will have a new look and will be equipped with a full touchscreen interface, the fleet will be more energy efficient and more cost effective to run. 

We also took the opportunity to review our existing print management system (FollowMe) and as such will be replacing this with a new product called PaperCut. This will allow us to enhance our services such as better scanning and mobile printing.

In addition to the new devices, Landscape are also providing a full time on-site engineer which we hope will improve the response time for fault fixing.

As this shiny new printing service will be replacing both the current staff and student systems to provide unified printing across campus for the first time ever!... we thought it was worthy of a new identity. As such we would like to introduce you to Aston uniPRINT.