Restricted Software

Unfortunately we are not able to make all software available to all students due to license restrictions that are in place.  This page provides a list of all the restricted software, where it is installed and who is allowed to use it.  If you believe that you should have access to a specific piece of software that you currently do not please report the issue to the Digital Services Helpdesk.

Restricted Software Availability
 Software Name Available InAvailable To 
Bentley Projectwise   MBE 371/372/373  EAS Students
 Bloomberg  MBE 477
 Library Floor 1
 ABS Students
 All Students
CyberAnatomy  MBE 266/268  EAS & LHS Students
 E-Prime  MBE 371/373
 MBW 465/472
 MBW 640

 LHS Students
 LHS Students
 LHS Students

Graphpad Prism  MBE 373 (20 PCs)  LHS Students

 MBE 371/372/373
 MBN 406/502/508
 MBW 252/254
 MBW 255/257

 EAS Students
 EE Students
 EE Students
 EE Project Students


 MB L82

 EE Students

MemoQ  MBN X06A/X06B/X17  LSS Students
Mplus  MBS Floor 11 (1 PC)  Staff Only
Noah  Audiology Clinics  Audiology Students
Noldus  MBW 640  LHS Students
Optix  Optometry Clinics  Optometry Students
OptSim  All Computer Suites  EE4109 & EE4111 Students
Pharmacy Manager  MBW 472  Pharmacy Students
Project Pro  MBE 371/372/373
 MBE 370/371/372/373
 MBN 104
 All Studens
 EAS Students
 All Students
SuperLab  MBE 371/373
 MBW 465/640
 LHS Students
 LHS Students
Synchro Pro  MBE 371/372/373  EAS Students
Thorlabs  MBN 406 (4 PCs)  EE Project Students
Ubuntu (via VMware Player)  MBE 266/268/370/371/372/373
 MBN 402
 MBN 502/508
 EAS Students
 EAS Students
 EE Students
Vicon Nexus  MBE 519 (3 PCs)  Bio Engineering Students
Visio  MBE 522  ABS Students
Visual Studio CE  MBE 372  EAS Students