Restricted Software

Unfortunately we are not able to make all software available to all students due to license restrictions that are in place.  This page provides a list of all the restricted software, where it is installed and who is allowed to use it.  If you believe that you should have access to a specific piece of software that you currently do not please report the issue to the Digital Services Helpdesk.

Restricted Software Availability
 Software Name Available InAvailable To 
Bentley Projectwise   MBE 371/372/373  EAS Students
 Bloomberg  MBE 477
 Library Floor 1
 ABS Students
 All Students
CyberAnatomy  MBE 266/268  EAS & LHS Students
 E-Prime  MBE 371/373
 MBW 465/472
 MBW 640

 LHS Students
 LHS Students
 LHS Students

Graphpad Prism  MBE 373 (20 PCs)  LHS Students

 MBE 266/268/371/372/373 & MBN 402
 MBN 406/502/508
 MBW 252/254
 MBW 255/257

 EAS Students
 EE Students
 EE Students
 EE Project Students


 MB L82

 EE Students

MemoQ  MBN X06A/X06B/X17  LSS Students
Mplus  MBS Floor 11 (1 PC)  Staff Only
Noah  Audiology Clinics  Audiology Students
Noldus  MBW 640  LHS Students - See MB640 Office for Dongle
Optix   Optometry Clinics  Optometry Students
OptSim  All Computer Suites  EE4109 & EE4111 Students
Pharmacy Manager  MBW 472  Pharmacy Students
Project Pro  MBE 370/371/372/373
 MBN 104
 EAS Students
 All Students
Synchro Pro  MBE 371/372/373  EAS Students
Thorlabs  MBN 406 (4 PCs)  EE Project Students
Ubuntu (via VMware Player)  MBE 266/268/370/371/372/373
 MBN 402
 MBN 502/508
 EAS Students
 EAS Students
 EE Students
Vicon Nexus  MBE 519 (3 PCs)  Bio Engineering Students
Visio  MBE 522  ABS Students
Visual Studio CE  MBE 372  EAS Students