Aston uniCARD (ID Card)

The uniCARD is the official Aston University identification card for all students, staff and visitors. It must be carried at all times and shown to an authorised person on request.

Your uniCARD will show whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, your School of Study, and the expected end date of your course. If any of these details are incorrect then please contact us so that we can update the card for you.

This card is for your use only and it must not be passed to anyone else for them to use to enter University premises or for any other purpose. Full rules and regulations can be found here.

The card contains two technologies; magnetic stripe and a contactless chip. Increasingly systems, such as Printing and Touch Pay are using the contactless chip.  You will only be able to use these systems if the reverse of your card shows the following symbol;

Contactless Logo

All uniCARDs remain the property of the University and must be handed to an authorised person on request.

Expiry Date
Each card is printed with an expiry date which is based on the anticipated duration of your programme of study. However, regardless of the printed expiry date, all cards are only valid while the cardholder is a member of the University.

Where can I use my uniCARD?

  • Univerisity ID Card

  • Residential Access

  • Computer Lab Access

  • Touch Pay - Cashless Payments

  • Library Access and Borrowing
  • Printing & Photocopying
  • Sport Centre Membership
  • Secure access into buildings and rooms
  • Student Guild Membership
 Keep checking this page for future uses of the uniCARD